Integrity · Reliability · Professionalism

Integrity · Reliability · Professionalism

Our goal is to get the job done the right way, the first time. But every project is unique and it’s the way we manage the challenges and mitigate the risks that makes us different and enables us to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Construction Management and General Contracting

With our reliable and qualified subcontractors and our dedicated field personnel, we have built a standard of consistently delivering projects on time and within budget. Our experienced field staff enables us to ensure that all of our projects are managed efficiently to meet our customer’s goals.

Commercial Construction Services

We understand the challenges that are unique to our commercial customers and their projects.

We understand the challenges that are unique to our commercial customers and their projects. As such, we strive to surpass our customers’ expectations by providing innovative and cost-efficient solutions to their construction needs without sacrificing material quality or design aesthetics. Our team of dedicated field personnel will work closely with you to ensure deadlines and budget costs are met while the highest industry standards of quality are maintained. Our dedicated field personnel have the in-depth training, experience, and skill to get it done right.


Green Construction is simply the process of building better buildings. Healthier for occupants, less expensive for owners to operate and less demanding on the environment.

Argaman Construction Group can help you Go Green. We are constantly looking for new and better ways to integrate into our projects Green Construction, which is the practice of using building materials and techniques that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient. As such, we are able to offer numerous “green” options to assist our customers in making their property more energy efficient and, in the process, save them money.

Many of our customers choose to limit their projects impact on the environment by reducing waste from either selecting an Energy-Star rated roof with a lifetime warranty or utilizing salvaged slate or tiles. Other customers choose to install photo voltaic/solar panels on their roofs to provide greater energy conservation.

And, we find, more and more choose to do both. Furthermore, going “green” can save you green! We can advise you on the many tax rebates, incentives and credits available that will save you even more money. Whichever way you choose to Go Green, we are here to help.

Environment Benefits:

• Protect ecosystems and biodiversity
• Improve air and water quality
• Reduce waste
• Conserve natural resources

Economic Benefits:

• Reduce operating costs
• Enhance asset value and profits
• Improve employee productivity and satisfaction
• Optimize economic performance of the building

Community Benefits:

• Limit construction impact on the environment
• Eoccupants comfort and health
• Minimize strain on local infrastructure
• Contribute to positive overall quality of life